10 Colourful Cherry Shrubs for Winter

Do not let the dullness of winter overpower you. Let the ground be covered with snow and try to irritate you with the nagging boredom but you don’t pay heed. Overpower winter with your wits by planting some plants that produce colourful flowers and present you with a splendid winter against the bleak backdrop.

Colourful Camellia

These ornamental evergreen plants can brave the bitterness of winter and shoo the gloom away by its white, creamy, yellow, red or pink flowers. You can even enjoy the winter by drinking some tea made with the leaves. These vividly coloured flowers will surely beautify your garden and embrace you by its loveliness.

Fiery Firethorn

The magnificently coloured berries of Firethorn will keep you cheerful throughout the year. It can withstand the winter weather with very little care. The deep dark green evergreen leaves and the red, orange or yellow berries growing in clusters provide a remarkable sight.

Bonny Beautyberry

These deciduous herbs growing berries on its arching stems are tantalizing in the sultry wintery weather. The small inconspicuous pinkish-white flowers appearing in clusters hide behind the large leaves to exhibit the striking-looking iridescent fuchsia coloured berries all of a sudden. They will turn your mood and make you dance tra-la-la-la-la.

Fanciable Fringe Flower

These evergreen herbs will be an instant-success and will become a neighbour’s envy. These charming, plants will infuse you with vibrancy with their handsome burgundy coloured foliage and bright flowers.

Radiant Red Twig Dogwood

This is a twiggy shrub with ornately red twigs. These bear creamy white flowers which turn to berries. The green leaves produce fall colour of red and orange. Contrasting the bleak snowy landscape of winter the brilliant red twigs just shine and smile.

The Handsome Nandina Firepower

The incredible display of colours will mesmerize you all year round. Leaves have red tinge in summer and at the year-end, it sets your garden ablaze with scarlet flowers. These turn into berries still vibrantly red, undaunted by the harsh winter.

Wonderful Winterberry

After autumn the leaves turn yellow and fall but you won’t be able to move your eyes off it. As now, thousands of brightly coloured berries will fetch joy to the world. Plants have small white flowers. The red or golden berries drape the whole branch from base to tip and adorn your garden.

Vibrant Viburnum Nudum Winterthur

The deep blueberry blue fruits against the backdrop of glossy, leathery, maroon and red leaves are simply eye-catching. It looks better if planted in groups.

The Able Abelia Kaleidoscope

The chameleon-like foliage is golden yellow in spring and red-orange in fall. The colours are further highlighted with the red stems and dainty white flowers. This rendezvous of colour will keep you spellbound in the winters.

Magnificent Mahonia

The burst of yellow delicately fragrant flowers will keep you enthralled throughout the gloomy winter. Ornamental in appearance it is beneficial to both the occupants and the pets of the house.

In winter grow plants that provide you with stunning and seductive bloom and drive away from the melancholy and forlorn from you and your house.

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