How To Get The Best Out Of Your Garden Designer During New Builds Or Home Extension

A garden is a special place in our home, which enhances the beauty of our home. In western countries, the garden is a common thing almost in every other house. But designing and maintaining a garden is not that easy as we might think of. It is a time-consuming job that requires lots of effort, which a common man cannot do all the time.

Who is a garden designer

A garden designer is a person who knows how to design your garden and how to link the garden with your home. So it is advisable when you are building a new home or renovate the old one contact with a professional garden designer. Because no one else can effectively design your garden, the designer will help you to understand the design of the garden and how to fit the garden within the specific space.

How a garden designer will help you to design your garden

A garden designer is a professional who designs the garden plan as per the house plan and space allotted. The major elements of the landscape design and garden design are planting, terrain, water, building and construction elements, site characteristics, and also local climatic qualities. Garden designer is a skilled professional who will design a master plan of the landscape and also design the garden too. Before start working, they consult with the clients, provide suggestions and direction during the construction.

During the construction of your home, maintenance is important. They are the professional ones who survey the site and then create a design to develop the garden. In earlier days, many people were into the garden design who were doing this from many generations and did their job brilliantly, but now any common person who has an interest in gardening and space planning can leverage their skills by completing the garden designing course as well. So do not waste time trying to design your garden yourself rather hire a designer for your garden. Below are things that would be done by the garden designer.

  • Work out on the drainage system
  • Ensure the drainage systems are useful
  • Waste removal
  • Before plastering the lighting should be done
  • Keep a storage bin
  • Gates and automated lighting
  • Vegetable areas
  • Car parking area
  • Flower areas
  • Outdoor sockets

Why you should hire a garden designer

Idea generation- a garden designer, have loads of ideas to design your garden. They check your home plan and design, and during your home extension or in the time of building new homes, they can effectively design a new garden or redesign an existing one.

Site analysis- every site is unique. Every garden requires a unique design as per the site. The professional designer understands the site well before they start designing your garden.

Budget creation- stay within the budget is also important. What we cannot do the designer can do very easily. Their imagination, power, and creativity are stronger than us. A professional designer will provide you with a better solution.


So if you build your new home or plan to renovate your old one for garden work contact with a garden designer, he or she is the right person who has depth knowledge about the garden design.

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