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What Are Small Garden Design Challenges?

Gardening is a favourite pass time for most people. It gives you satisfaction and also plays you an eye-soothing view. Nothing is better than sitting on the rocking chair in your garden with a coffee mug when you come back to your home after a hectic day at the office. But behind a colourful and […]

Things To Consider When Dealing With A Slope In Garden

Every Garden has a common thing, which is the slope. The slope is necessary, but Garden with a steeper slope brings lots of challenges. In my case, also I have a small slope in my Garden. Though sloping gardens are good for streams and water featuring. But when it comes to planting flowers and other […]

How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

With the monsoon coming to an end, annual vegetables retreat into their underground hibernating homes to take recluse from the heavier frosts. After the lively garden flourishing throughout the year from the spring planting to the summer harvest you might find it difficult to close the doors of your garden for the winter. But the […]

10 Colourful Cherry Shrubs for Winter

Do not let the dullness of winter overpower you. Let the ground be covered with snow and try to irritate you with the nagging boredom but you don’t pay heed. Overpower winter with your wits by planting some plants that produce colourful flowers and present you with a splendid winter against the bleak backdrop. Colourful […]

9 Tips for Captivating Winter Garden

Here are some secrets to add sparkle to your otherwise gloomy winter by making the garden colourful. Embrace Black The plants must be strong and sturdy to withstand the frost and cloudy winter. Black Adder can be a good choice as the leaves and stems can withstand the winter and hold the head high. Long-Lasting […]

5 Ways to Clean up the Garden for Winter

As winter creeps in the green and lush garden of yours turn to a threadbare plot. The thought that it’s the time to clean up your garden and retreat into your house for the winter comes to your mind. Before you snuggle into your cosy blanket by the fireplace, sipping something hot for the winter […]

Back Yard Landscaping: What You Should Know?

When designing the backyard landscaping project, it is always a good idea to have the help of a professional because the landscaper will know exactly what the best kind of plant is the soil will accept. Of course, you can also search for different inspirations in shape type and accessories. Then you will know exactly […]

What are the Best Garden Plants for the Winter Season?

Investing in the interior decoration of the house is essential to ensure that the atmosphere is always cosy, and sophisticated. The conservatory green should be carefully chosen, as some plants do not adapt to these locations. Not all plants withstand the limitations of the conservatory. After all, it is a room in the house. Find […]