How To Maintain Professional High-Quality Turf Laying

If you are looking to create a new lawn in your home, you can follow three basic steps for that. You can sow the grass seed though it will take time to grow. So you can go for the small seeding plants in between this. To be very frank, it will also take time to grow. So the best choice would be turf. Yes, the artificial turf can be laid anytime, anywhere​. You can c0reate an instant lawn with this. Many house owners take this as the simplest solution. Turf laying is the best solution and convenient too. Let see how you can maintain the turf on your lawn.

After laying the turf, wait for two to three weeks. The ground will be a bit firmer. You need to water it frequently. Not deeply but slightly just to encourage root growth. The first mow you should remove. If you do regular mowing, it will help to strengthen the roots, and it looks fresh and greener. In the market, you will find plenty of fertilizer, use then in your turf lawn.

How to water

When you have purchased the new professional turf for your lawn, make sure you water it every day for the first four to six weeks though it depends on the weather also. In the rainy season, you do not have to pour water from yourself. But in summer, the thirsty turf requires water. If you do not pour water, it can turn into dead turf.

How to lay the quality turf

Plan your yard

When it is time to landscape the backyard, make sure the turf lasts for a long time. Always buy a renowned brand quality turf for your lawn. It may cost you a little bit more once, but you should not compromise with the quality.

Choose a suitable type of grass

When you have decided on the lawn size and type, then it’s time to choose the grass type. In the market, different types of turf are available. It is tough to research which one is the best turf. Consult with an expert professional to take advice on grass, that which grass suits for your lawn.

Check the turf underlay the soil

For this, you will be required to buy a pH testing kit. The pH test should be between 5.5 and 7. Do not worry if the result is out of the recommended range, and this issue can be treated. The sand-based soil is always preferable. If your yard is full of clay base soil, then you should de compact the soil and add sand base soil.

Measure how much turf you would need

You can measure the turf easily. You can Square meterage the yard and break it into the geometric shapes. You can check online to get the turf area calculator.

Lay the turf roll in your yard

First of all, spread the fertilizer on your lawn. Make sure your soil is smooth. When it is ready for the turf, then plan about the drainage system. If you use the turf in summer, ensure each part of the turf can have access to the water system so that the turf won’t get dried.

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