Before Planning the Garden think of the Fencing Ideas to Protect it

Prevent children from leaving or entering intruders, distinguish your property from the surrounding ones, prevent plants from being damaged, beautify your garden, there are many reasons why you can use fencing as an alternative and aesthetic way to protect your garden. If you are thinking how to fence your garden and want to do it economically, in the following article you will find various Gardening fencing ideas to fence your garden in the least expensive way and with the materials that best suit you. Keep reading.

Fencing the garden: wood

While wood is one of the most expensive materials, it is suggested that you recycle wood sheets. With this, you will significantly reduce fencing costs. To create a beautiful fence in your garden, you just have to look for an already used wood. Make appropriate parts of this and with a little imagination and creativity, you will get a phenomenal fence. If you want you can age the wood, give it a rustic touch or paint it in colours to get a perfect finish. We advise you to work in stages – first gather all the material, then treat it and finally, place the wooden panels creating your fence in the garden.

Fencing the garden: wire netting

Using a wire cloth to fence your garden is the most economical way. Although it is not the most aesthetic, with a little imagination you can enclose the space comfortably. Place the wire cloth around your garden or your plants. To give it a personal touch, you can camouflage the metal fabric with vines, flowers or climbing plants. You will improve your appearance.

Fencing the garden: plants

Finally, it is recommended enclosing your garden with other plants. The trees, shrubs and bushes low – rise are an inexpensive and nice option to close your garden. Although it is an easy option to carry out, you should keep in mind that when dealing with plants, these will require maintenance and care. If you want them to look beautiful and have a good aesthetic effect. This enclosure we recommend the shrubs and bushes evergreen.

In the design of your fence you must take into account the colours

To choose the best colour, assess the tones in your land, the walls of your house, the ceilings, etc. You can bring the colour you want thanks to the flowers or foliage. If you are looking for a design that creates a sense of unity, it is best to use ranges of the same colour to create a monochrome garden. This does not mean that everything should be the same, but that the colour scale must be assessed. If you want to create contrasts, play with complementary or even opposite tones. A good option is to combine blue and orange or also green and red. In addition to all these elements, you will have to give special attention to the choice of decorative elements if you want to create a cosier garden. Call the gardening experts and discuss your ideas with them.

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