Easy Ways to Maintain Your Lawn in the Summer

You have got the right soil, and you have planted the right grass but what does it mean to keep your lawn well maintained and green? To help you answer the question, we have some basic tips and rules or components that help you in lawn maintenance:


Watering is very simple. The general rule is to water very heavily and only when your lawn needs it. You should not water lightly or more frequently. If you water lightly, the soil won’t take it up and won’t encourage the roots to grow deep into the ground. Water as soon as the grass is about to dry out. The colour will change from green to blueish grey and it will lose some bounce. Best time to water is early morning as the water it won’t evaporate as easily in the afternoon.


Mowing reduces the workload on a plant root system. It is easier for the roots to provide for the plant if it is mowed. Mowing also allows the grass plan to expand. The plant also has new leaves to absorb sunlight. This helps build a heavier grass which is more resistant to disease and weeds. You should frequently mow during the growing season. One common mistake is cutting the grass too short. You can mow to shorter heights during winter and spring because the temperatures are cool and water is more abundant.


Fertilising helps you by adding nutrients to the soil so that it can provide the nutrients back to the grass. Your grass will grow very quickly and so you have to more regularly. Your soil can provide nutrients for most plants by itself but it needs some help to feed your grass. The most effective way to fertilise is by spreading slow-acting granular fertiliser once or twice a year. You can also add natural fertiliser such as manure or compost.


When your soil gets compacted due to foot activity or mowing, oxygen cannot reach the microbes that break down the organic matter to enrich the soil. That is why it is a good idea to aerate it periodically. You can form shallow holes so that the air, organic material and water is spread evenly through the holes. It is best to aerate during fall or spring.


Weeding is a process that shouldn’t take much time for you to establish a healthy lawn. But it is an ongoing process and that is why you need to weed out unwanted plants every month. If a lot of weeds pop up, then it is a sign that your grass is very weak. Your soil could be waterlogged or you are cutting your grass too short. Weeds will pop up in a healthy lawn too but for the most part, it is nothing to worry about. They do not harm in small numbers so simply pull out any weeds that appear on your lawn. If you have a larger weed problem, then you can spray a natural herbicide to solve it.

With the help of these methods, maintaining your lawn is easy.

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