Grass Cutting Tips to Know Before You Mow

Mowing may look a very simple process but it is the aspect that decides the health and look of the lawn. Mow correctly to groom the healthy turf for making it thick enough for crowding out the weeds and the drought-tolerant. When one mows, only one-third of the leaf gets removed. Grass cutting in Dublin should be done properly to maintain the lawn in the right form to adore the courtyard of the home. Here are some of the best tips that anybody can follow for getting the lawn mowing done most suitably.

Avoid Scalping Lawn

It is always best not to cut grass very short. The scalped lawn is prone to weed infestation and diseases. The scalped turf becomes sparse, week and exposes soil. One of the major reasons for the weed growth is the exposed soil that allows weed seed to germinate and grow. Sparse lawn allows sunlight to reach the weed seedlings and boosts the growth. Grass that is cut short consistently has a root that is poorly developed which makes it prone to major damage due to drought and severe temperatures. Grass cutting in Dublin by the best professionals ensure that the grass cutting is done precisely in the most suitable height.

Sharpen the Mower Blade

It is important to keep the mower blade sharp so that it gives the best results during each mowing. A sharp blade can cut the grass perfectly while a dull one tears the glass, creating an uneven and jagged edge. These tears create openings for the diseases and pests to enter the glass blades. The lawn cut with the dull blade develops brown or whitish hue as the grass tips die back. It is advised to sharpen the blades at least a few times during mowing season. It is also advised to avoid mowing over stones or thick branches for reducing the damage of the blade or dulling of the blade. Buying an extra mower blade would always help in having the sharp blade ready.

Adjusting Mower Height

Mower height should be adjusted throughout the growing season. The cutting deck should be sifted higher during summer and the grass should be allowed to grow longer. Taller grass always helps in shading the soil that prevents weed growth and also reduces the water evaporation from the soil. Taller grass also develops very deeper roots that create the lawn which can manage drought better. In the late autumn, in places where the winter is accompanied by snow cover, the cutting deck should be lowered for the last mowing of the season for preventing snow mould on the grass.

Shady Mowing

Lawns which is grown in the shady areas get benefitted by the higher mowing height. Longer grass blades come with greater surface area for performing photosynthesis. In the low light scenario, it is a major advantage and the secret which helps in growing a healthy lawn in shade.

Decide When to Mow the Grass

Mow the grass when it is dry. Mowing the wet lawn does not cause any harm to the grass but may not provide the best results. Grass cutting in Dublin with the right professionals can handle the whole process perfectly.

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