How and When to Prune Plants and Trees

Pruning is very important as it helps in the growth of the plants and also in their overall health. Many stay away from pruning, being scared of killing the garden. Hedge cutting in Dublin is one of the key skills that anybody who is into gardening should be equipped with. There is no point of delaying it or staying away from it as it is going to take a toll on the health of your plants. It is important to know what pruning is and how it can be done and when it should be performed on what type of plants. Pruning is aimed to remove the parts of the plants which are overgrown, dead or awkward. Find out on the tools and the best ways to perform pruning.

Tools for Pruning

Pruning needs majorly three different tools and they will be used on different kinds of plants. Choose the pruning tools that are required to prune the plants in your garden. Pruning shears are the hand-held cutters that are most suitable for pruning the smaller plants. Pruning shears are the best to prune the buds and flowers on the plant. Loppers are the pruning tools that are most suitable for pruning the shrubs and large vines. It is important to buy a good quality one as pruning a stubborn vine can be a very hard task. Hand saw forms the ideal pruning tool that anybody can consider if they are pruning the trees. It is impossible to completely prune the trees without it.

When to Prune?

It is always good to study the plant varieties thoroughly so that it becomes easy to prune the plants whenever it is required. Some of the general categories of the plants have the most suitable time when they can be pruned. The flowering trees should be pruned on early fall or the late summer. Shrubs should be pruned in the dormant stage that is in the late winter or early spring. Hedge cutting in Dublin for fruit trees and the berry plants should also be done during early spring or late winter. The dead head plants need regular pruning throughout the year. Perennials need pruning based on when they flower and some of them would need periodic pruning like a deadhead plant.

Pruning Tips

While performing hedge cutting in Dublin, one should take care of a few aspects so that the garden looks perfect and in the right health. The evergreen plants and trees need not be pruned and they should be left as such as there are independent. It is important to prune the trees by ensuring that the barks are not torn apart. It is also not advised to cut the complete top of the tree while pruning. While removing thicker limbs, cut at an angle. It is also important to cut the limbs in the same direction they grow. There is nothing to worry while pruning the plants and trees in the garden. Explore more about pruning before you start doing it.

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