How to Control Weed in Your Garden

Weed is the unwanted guest in your garden. No matter how much you get rid of them by chemicals or by traditional means they keep growing back. Experts also recommend against chemical means to battle weeds as it can inch it’s way into the fruits and can harm the growth of the trees as well.

Keeping the weed out is a difficult task and requires effort and time. Nothing less than what a golf course does to take care of their greens and keep those weeds away from their trees.

Here are the most effective ways to keep weeds away from your garden:

Keep a thick lawn cover to keep out the weed

Keeping your lawn thick and healthy is the best way to keep out the unwanted weed. You can also add some kind of thick ground cover or thick planting to drown out the weed growth. Weed is plants which grow in open areas and take advantage of available resources. Restricting its place to grow is an effective way to combat weed growth.

Keep your soil healthy and well-nourished

You would ask how this would keep the weed from growing? Weed can grow on any soil. Well, after you’ve put the thick cover in your lawn you have to maintain it with properly taking care of your soil. Yes, weed can grow anywhere but keeping your good healthy lawn and plants in par with the weed, even better to limit its growth.

Tilling your garden is an option

Turning and loosening your soil can be a useful way to manage your weed population. Tilling rotates the seeds of the weed. By tilling can also bring back seeds that were buried deep in the doing unable to grow.

Tilling should be only done on very rare occasions when the weed growth is too much to control by other means. It simply means there are too many seeds on the surface of the soil which keeps on germinating. Tilling can turn over the soil and bury the seed 3 to 4 inches deep into the soil where there’s no process in taking place.

Hoe your topsoil to remove your weeds

Hoeing your topsoil carefully can be effective in controlling weed growth. But just like tilling, hoeing has it’s limitations. Hoeing is effective but the perennials can grow back from the roots after the top is removed. It has to be done on the surface to pull away small weeds, going deep can bring back seed to the germination zone. Hoeing deeper can also injure the roots of any nearby plants. Weeds are much easier to hoe when they are still small.

These are the more effective ways to get rid of or restrict weed from growing in your garden. These techniques will work well with any situations that you are currently facing. These are the chemical-free ways you can use to keep your garden weed-free.

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