Category: Garden Design

What Are Small Garden Design Challenges?

Gardening is a favourite pass time for most people. It gives you satisfaction and also plays you an eye-soothing view. Nothing is better than sitting on the rocking chair in your garden with a coffee mug when you come back to your home after a hectic day at the office. But behind a colourful and […]

Things To Consider When Dealing With A Slope In Garden

Every Garden has a common thing, which is the slope. The slope is necessary, but Garden with a steeper slope brings lots of challenges. In my case, also I have a small slope in my Garden. Though sloping gardens are good for streams and water featuring. But when it comes to planting flowers and other […]

Back Yard Landscaping: What You Should Know?

When designing the backyard landscaping project, it is always a good idea to have the help of a professional because the landscaper will know exactly what the best kind of plant is the soil will accept. Of course, you can also search for different inspirations in shape type and accessories. Then you will know exactly […]

Shrubs with Flowers to Decorate your Garden

Trees and shrubs with flowers are perfect to give elegance to the garden and to enjoy a good shade. Some also find its usefulness in the kitchen, for its fruits or aromatic properties. Hawthorn: Hawthorn is a shrub that is very often used for hedging. It can withstand extreme cold. In cooking, flowers and fruits […]

How to Create Your Landscape Garden

Landscaping garden gives a house a more profound look and makes it look authentic. It’s a very idealising job for the plant’s lover, creating a plan and choosing the set of plants that will thrive in your designed landscape is their greatest wish. Although making a landscape by yourself is possible but it’s better if […]