How To Pick The Perfect Lawn Mower in Northern Ireland

Lawn needs required the amount of tending from time to time. The budget play and personal preference are major players for people when it is about mowing the lawn. Many consider it as a therapeutic workout and does not mind pushing the mower for about 2 hours and others consider it as the work to be finished as fast as possible. When one is considered to buy a lawnmower in Northern Ireland, there are certain things to be considered like the size of the lawn, the level of the land and the kinds of the obstacles on the yard.

The Push Mowers that Suit the Smaller Lawns

A smaller grass patch can be mowed efficiently by using the manual reel mower. One can make the blades activated properly by moving it faster. The mower can also be stored easily on the wall.

Walk Behind Mowers with Multiple Options

The walk-behind mowers can run for years and are capable to cut lawns for miles. They are also available in so many sizes to choose from. It is always good to measure the width of the yard shed or gate door so that there is enough space for mowering through. The walk behind lawn mowers in Northern Ireland accompanies with so many other features that one can choose from.

Gas or Electric

Gas mowers come with longer runtime and have more power compared to electric. They are much messy and need a lot of maintenance compared to the electric mowers. Electric mowers are available as corded or cordless and are cleaner for operating than the gas. The corded model obviously is the one which would restrict the distance to cover.

Self Propelled or Push Model

Self-propelled mowers are a very good thing but it is available with two to all wheels drive. All wheels drive comes with much greater assistance while going up inclines but it much heavier one. The push model is a perfect one for smaller and flat yards and is best for cutting around the flower beds.

Cutting Type

The walk behind mowers handles grass clippings in any of the three ways like side discharge which distributes the clippings to lawn, mulching that cuts clippings to fine pieces thus breaking down and releasing nutrients into soil and bagging that gathers the clippings to a bag which is then disposed of along with the yard waste.

Riding Mowers for a Large Lawn

Riding mowers are the best that one should consider for the lawns that are really very huge and it is not possible to consider pushing and walking behind the mower. If it takes more than two hours to mow the lawn, then it is time for upgrading the mower. Riding mowers comes with a rear mounted motor and provides just the basic comforts. The lawn tractors come with a bigger step up and much powerful engine and wider cutting decks. There are some of the tractors that come with capabilities to hookup other attachments as well.

Choosing the lawn mowers in Northern Ireland is indeed a huge task as it is required to consider the various aspects related to the lawn and also the user.

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