How to Protect your Garden in Winter Season

If you love your garden and gardening is your passion, then there are various aspects which you need to take into account while looking after your garden. One of the keys to Lawn care in winter is directly related to irrigation. Specifically, in this part of the year, you have to irrigate significantly less than you do in the summer. Finally, as for other interesting details you cannot ignore in the winter, is the fumigated which should be performed on all trees, but especially on those who are sick. And as always, if in doubt, you have to consult with an expert in the field before acting.

You should take care of the Fungi problem

To begin, it is important to remove with a rake the dry and wet leaves that will begin to decompose on the grass. Far from thinking that it can be good natural fertilizer, the truth is that the presence of low temperatures and ice can make the leaves not only a perfect aid for the grass to rot but also an ideal source for one of the Great enemies of the grass – fungi.

Precisely because of the latter, it is important to take some precautions when mowing the lawn. In these cold months, the ideal is to mow as little as possible and, when you do, keep a tall cut of the grass. So you will not only help protect the roots of the grass or prevent the bad companions of the grass (moss and weeds, which you will have to continue eliminating in winter) to become resistant, but, in addition, you will try to mow when it is already dry (avoiding the hours after frost) to avoid the proliferation of fungi.

Irrigation is what you should maintain

Also for this, you will have to significantly lower the pattern of watering the lawn in winter if it does not rain. You have to take into account that frost entails dew and, therefore, humidity. Hence, with it and with the rains it is more than enough for the lawn. In case it does not rain or does not freeze (which means in the last nights of winter), the ideal is to water it once a week. About this, another important tip – water in the central hours of the day. In this way, you will make it easier for daylight hours to help you eliminate excess water and avoid rotting.

Protect the lawn from bad weather

With the low temperatures, the grass slows down its functions and its activity decreases intending to save energy. So that the grass does not die or lose its vigour during the winter, you will have to perform a maintenance and care work that includes actions such as cutting, draining or aerating and that we could summarize in guidelines to protect and prepare. Another action you can take to make your lawn survive winter is to cut it, but not too much, the ideal height is about 4-5 centimetres.

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