How to Spring Clean Your Yard and Garden

The ice and snow get melted but the wild storms during winter would take a toll on the health of the garden. Here are the tips for cleaning the yard and garden during spring. Garden clean up in Dublin would always be of great help in keeping your garden in great shape. Follow the tips below to get the garden as fresh and beautiful as it is meant to be.

Remove Debris

After the winter, it is always important to remove the scattered sticks, fallen branches and any such debris that would make the garden dirty. Remove the debris and clear the garden so that the plants in the garden can grow well. It is good for renting a wood chipper from a garden or any other hardware stores so that debris can be turned to mulch.

Rake the Dead Twigs and Leaves

The leaves of last year would make great compost but cannot be if they do not allow the grass from getting exposed to sunlight. Rake the yard and the garden beds thoroughly. If there is no plan to make the compost, find out whether there are any special ways to collect the bagged leaves. It is good to find out some means to get the leaves and any debris removed from the garden.

Prune & Trim

Pruning back the weatherworn hedges and bushes and perennials which are overgrown can make the garden grow much faster at a great pace. Trim the damaged tree branches and limbs which can be reached so that they can be taken best care of. Get a professional tree trimmer for taking care of the rest of the parts.

Mapping Out Landscaping & Garden Plans

If there are any changes to be made on the current landscaping, make the sketch on the lawn indicating the kind of the plants, shrubs or trees that one would like to add. The garden should have the landscaping and the type of plants that look the best and most beautiful to give the look and feel of the garden that you have always wanted. It is always good to consult the landscaper or gardener for getting the final purchases or decisions. Garden clean up in Dublin will always be a great thing to start with.

Start Planting

While purchasing new plants, check on the planting dates. Plant the saplings or sow the seeds do whatever is more effective to make the garden look the best and finest. Find the most suitable season for planting each of the plants required. It is also necessary to do it in the right places as planned and then pour water soon after planting.

Cleaning the yard and the garden is always something important to consider so that one can handle the garden and allow it to grow fast. It is good for choosing the most suitable garden clean up in Dublin so that it can be done well for the garden to look great. Getting the best people to clean up the garden makes it look great and create the finest environment for plants to grow.

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