The Perfect Guide To Mowing Lawns

Mowing is an efficacious method for promoting the growth of grass so that the lawn looks great. This process of sprucing the grass perfectly should be done with great care as this can either help or hurt the lawn in its look. In fact, poor sprucing methods lead to a devastating look of the lawn that all together affects the look of this beautiful open area space. The size of the land should be studied well to use perfect mower. How short or long the grass to be cut and the technique of cutting the grass – all these depend on the final look of the grass. Below is a list of certain tips, provided by the expert garden center in Kilkenny that will help your lawn to have a great look as these will help you to mow the grass perfectly:


If you cut the grass too short it has a risk of damaging the crown. Also, this may lead to the development of weeds and make it less to thrive. The right height of maintaining the grass is 1/3rd of the glass blade. But this also greatly depends on the type of grass you are growing. But the standard rule is maintaining the 1/3rd height of the grass blade and this is efficiently done by the garden center in Kilkenny.


Mowing a lawn in the middle of a hot summer day is never a good idea. The best time for mowing that act as an advantage for the mower and the grass is late afternoon or early evening. Early morning or the time just after a rainstorm is also not proper for mowing as the grass remains extremely wet.


The mower that will help in sprucing the lawn the right way needs to be selected with utmost care. There are many lawn mowers but all are not fit for commercial lawn care. There are different types of lawn mowers available like the manual reel mower, push mower, self-propelled mower, ride on lawn mower and the zero turn tractors. Choose the one with the perfect guidance from experts like the garden center in Kilkenny.


Lawns should never be mowed the same way twice. It may affect the grass and make it bend in one direction towards the direction that the blades come from. This leads to the development of bald patches and to avoid this grass growth should be made to go upright. Also, patterns like spiral and zigzag can be done following some set directions laid down for doing so.


Following are some of the tricks and tips needed to be remembered while mowing:

  • Maintain your mower to avoid dull blades
  • Fuel up the mower tank if it is gas powered
  • Clear the lawn from toys or sporting events to avoid it running over the mower.
  • Hot weather is stressful for grass. So during the summers cut it a little higher.
  • Give a month’s time to freshly sown grass to grow well.

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