How to Choose Plants for Your Garden – Expert Advice

The pleasure of gardening is as great as the wide variety of plants, and flowers. And, that with a little care, and continuous maintenance turn any piece of land into an enchanted garden. So, if you have a beautiful garden, and searching for the result – how to choose plants for your garden, well, you […]

Shrubs with Flowers to Decorate your Garden

Trees and shrubs with flowers are perfect to give elegance to the garden and to enjoy a good shade. Some also find its usefulness in the kitchen, for its fruits or aromatic properties. Hawthorn: Hawthorn is a shrub that is very often used for hedging. It can withstand extreme cold. In cooking, flowers and fruits […]

How to Protect your Garden in Winter Season

If you love your garden and gardening is your passion, then there are various aspects which you need to take into account while looking after your garden. One of the keys to Lawn care in winter is directly related to irrigation. Specifically, in this part of the year, you have to irrigate significantly less than […]

How to Control Weed in Your Garden

Weed is the unwanted guest in your garden. No matter how much you get rid of them by chemicals or by traditional means they keep growing back. Experts also recommend against chemical means to battle weeds as it can inch it’s way into the fruits and can harm the growth of the trees as well. […]

Indoor Gardening for Amateurs: Some Basics You Should Know

Some people are blessed with a natural green thumb while others take a lot of trial and error to figure things out. That is why you need some indoor gardening basics to give you the best chance to grow attractive plants. You can save yourself some of the hassles by understanding the principles of what […]

An Essential Tool You Need for Gardening

Just like any art form gardening is an art, and like any other art, you need a tool to perform it. Like a sculpture need a hammer and a chisel to make the sculptures. A gardener needs garden tools to create a garden that is worthy of bragging in front of friends and family. Gardening […]

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Lawn in the Summer

You have got the right soil, and you have planted the right grass but what does it mean to keep your lawn well maintained and green? To help you answer the question, we have some basic tips and rules or components that help you in lawn maintenance: Watering Watering is very simple. The general rule […]